A brief presentation

Hi, my name is Duarte and I am an engineer. OK, technically I really am one, but let’s forget that. What I really am is a lifelong sports fan and a really good one at that. Just ask my parents. Well, moving on. I’m a born and bred portuguese “writer”, a fanatical SL Benfica fan and a passionate Pittsburgh Penguins supporter. But, rest assured, this is not a blog about those two. Words can not describe what i feel about them sometimes.

So, generally, what can you expect from this blog?  As it is written up there, I’ll be writing about sports, focusing, obviously, on my favorite ones. You can expect a healthy dose of cycling, a not so healthy portion of ice-hockey related content, some stuff about tennis and football, and sprinkles of basketball, alpine skiing, swimming… . I’ll try to preview and/or analyse the big competitions happening all year round, share some of the knowledge I accumulated over countless hours spent in front of the tv screen or my laptop, and deliver some good content.
Oh, as you can infer from this text, I’ll be writing in (my) English. For “foreign” readers, I apologize right away for the occasional portuguese-centered posts. Since I write about the NHL for the portuguese news website Modalidades.com.pt, i’ll relay the content here too, warning that it is in my native language.

Thanks for reading and hope you’ll enjoy the time spent here.


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