Coming up..

An idea of what to expect till the end of 2014:

Cycling:  With the 2014 season wrapping up, I’ll analyse the top riders of 2014, throw around some predictions about potential breakout cyclists in 2015, and underline the key dates on the calendar.

Tennis: The end of the year Finals for both the ATP and WTA tours are getting closer and I hope to preview the women’s tournament, starting next week in Singapore, and the men’s event, scheduled for mid November.

Hockey and football: occasional posts from time to time, with some funny stuff about the NHL already planned.

Winter Sports: the season is rapidly approaching and I hope to develop something around it.

And…a special project I’ll develop over the next months.

Named “European Tour “, the project consists on a weekly presentation of the sports landscape on different european countries, featuring their more recognisable athletes, the people’s beloved sports and the major historical places/sporting facilities. I still have to figure out the total number of countries I’ll explore, but expect something between 30 and 40.

However, to start, I’ll post the NHL preview articles I wrote recently for Modalidades.


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